"The children of Trythall School loved The Treebies! We thoroughly enjoyed this enchanting book with its delightful characters and beautiful illustrations. As a class teacher I can see lots of opportunities to use this with the children of all ages in our learning both indoors and out."

Emma Cape, Class Teacher, Trythall Primary School, Cornwall


"We know that children are happier and healthier when they're closer to nature and this book, by being fun and colourful, will help inspire children to want to connect to nature. We hope it will help to make 'Every Child Wild', inspire them to explore wild places and thus make nature part of their story. This, the first of four books, will help children, and the adults they become, to understand, love and protect nature."

James Byrne, Living Landscapes Manager, Wildlife Trust Wales says:


"I keep meaning to get in touch to tell you how much my son Felix loves your Treebies book! At one stage we were reading it three times a day! He even asked for a Treebie kit for his birthday!"

"My 4 year old son Felix has said “Twig is my favourite because he has lots of ideas and always has cookies in his satchel!” He also said he loved trees and nuts, because squirrels do! He was super excited about the Treebies’ tool bag as well and when I explained about the illustrations he said, “Wow ! How does she make the pictures so good?”

Liz Cox, Upstream Thinking Ecologist, Cornwall Wildlife Trust


"The world of the Treebies is a gentle introduction to the beauty and value of trees. Reading this story to your child is like taking them for a woodland walk in Spring time."

Virginia Davies, Early Years Professional


"The Oakers' Tale is a charming story that will delight children young and old. It's message is timely and will hopefully inspire all generations to consider what we can all do to preserve our precious environment and local habitats. I'll be telling my children to be like a treebie, before it's too late!"

Helen Thompson-Whiteside, Senior Lecturer, Business School, University of Portsmouth


“Love it! A very sweet, traditional story with fab ilustrations. Good luck.”

Rebecca Bridges, qualified English Teacher


"This warm-hearted story with beautiful illustrations will not only enthral children, it will help them understand the value of nature and encourage them to play games of their own in green spaces and amongst trees. There’s even a simple recipe for one of the Oakers’ favourite biscuits – a fun way to pass a rainy afternoon."

Ann Davies, Writer